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Abraham House is rooted in the philosophy that we provide our guests with a secure, loving environment while providing physical care as well as emotional and spiritual support for the terminally ill in our community at absolutely no cost to the guest or their family.
From the Executive Director

I am honored to be the Executive Director of Abraham House. It is a privilege to be connected with so many wonderful volunteers and staff who give of themselves everyday to the mission of Abraham House. We have a sacred mission at Abraham House and we will always be mindful of this.

I want to thank all of you who have supported Abraham House in the past and will continue to support us. Your support ensures our ability to provide a loving home free of charge to the terminally ill in our community. Working together we can continue our sacred mission.

What I have been so impressed with since I have been at Abraham House is the generosity of this community. Whenever we had a need, there was always someone who was willing to help us out. I am humbled by all of your generosity.

Abraham House has some wonderful fundraisers to help ensure that we continue to provide this valuable service to our community. For more information on our fundraisers, please go to "News" Tab on this website. Thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to call me at 315-733-8210 with any questions or if interested in volunteering with Abraham House.

Why do we do what we do at Abraham House?

  • To give our guests and family members a secure, compassionate and loving home.
  • To allow wives to be wives, sons to be sons and let us be the caregivers.
  • To provide 24 hour surrogate caregivers for the people who are no longer safe to be home alone.
  • To give families peace of mind that their loved ones are well cared for in a safe home.
  • Because it is the right thing to do to provide dignity and care to someone who is dying.


One of our guests recently told their family that "I want to die where I matter so I want to go to Abraham House."  This exemplifies what we do at Abraham House. Abraham House provides love and compassion in caring for the terminally ill. There are no other "Comfort Houses" within 3 counties of us, so our community is blessed to have Abraham House.


Patty Shenberger

Executive Director