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Abraham House is rooted in the philosophy that we provide our guests with a secure, loving environment while providing physical care as well as emotional and spiritual support for the terminally ill in our community at absolutely no cost to the guest or their family.
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E ach of us walks a path everyday and receives gentle reminders about the natural good that exists in our world. Here at Abraham House we are so fortunate to witness these reminders every single day. From watching our volunteers care for our guests to witnessing complete strangers drop bags of donations off at our front door, we feel so blessed to be a part of an organization that is so well respected and so well received in our community. Abraham House was initiated in 1998 through the donation of the house by Dr. Abraham L. Shaheen. The intent of the home was to help the terminally in the community in need of our services at absolutely no cost to the guest or their family.  With the generosity of so many, we have still managed to honor this promise today.   However, Abraham House touches more than just the lives of our guests. Many of our volunteers and staff have agreed that Abraham House helps them as well. Abraham House helps to remind them of the advantages that we need to take in life, how important our family and friends are and sometimes how short life can really be. It is an honor to be a part of Abraham House. We at Abraham House are given the utmost privilege by family members and that is to care for the person that they love the most. The moments we take care of in peoples lives are intimate and personal and they have chosen us, as a team, as a home, as an extended family, to be a part of this moment in time. We believe that there is no greater satisfaction and compliment in this world. Abraham House allows each of us to look within ourselves and realize that the little set-backs of daily life are just that, little. Our experiences and our commitment at Abraham House help to shape us become better people. Abraham House has given each of us great pleasure in life and has helped to make us each become better people every single day. Our hope is that you will consider coming to Abraham House and allowing yourself the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful. Even one hour of volunteering a week can change your attitude for a lifetime. Thank you to each of you for your continued support of our mission and for allowing our guests, family members, volunteers, staff and board members the privilege to be part of each others lives.

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